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Even back in the Stone Age about 6000 years ago, present day Europe was connected by a network of trade routes. Flintstone, copper, amber and in later times tin, glass and iron as well as textiles were traded over long distances. Experimental archeologists study the craftsmanship and skills that are necessary for the exploitation and processing of these raw materials. Demonstrations give a particular vivid picture of their research results for a young and old audience.

The project «Experimental archeology in Europe – experiencing knowlegde» comprises  a series of events, in which specialists from different European countries present their knowledge and experiences – you are welcome to participate!

Simultaneuosly learning stations are developed to guarantee a long-lasting mediacy. The series of events is supplemented by a conference of the «European association for the advancement of archaeology by experiment» (EXAR) which enables  the exchange of new research approaches and results on a scientific level.

Throughout the series of events experiments with  different materials will take place in the open air museum.

This project is a contribution to the European year of cultural heritage „Sharing Heritage 2018“ and is funded by the federal minister for culture and media (BKM).


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