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Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen Bodensee
Open Air Museum and Research Institut
Phone 0049 (0) 7556 92890-0
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Strandpromenade 6
88690 Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, District Unteruhldingen

Responsible for content: Verein für Pfahlbau- und Heimatkunde e.V.,
(Society for Lake Dwelling Archeology and Regional Ethnology)

Registered: Baden-Württemberg Amtsgericht Überlingen VR 94

1.Board chairman: Jochen Haaga
Museum Director and Chief Executive: PD Dr. habil. Gunter Schöbel

Trademark protection:
The trademark "Pfahlbauten" is register under register no. 303 55 957.8/41 at the Deutschen Patent- und Markenamtes (DPMA) (German Office for Patent and Trademark). Additional the Trademarks "Pfahlbau Museum", "Verein für Pfahlbau- und Heimatkunde e.V." und "Uhldi" are registered.

Text and Photography Lake Dwelling Team: Dr. Matthias Baumhauer, Jürgen Hummler, Yvonne Siebenhaller, Sabine Schöbel, PD Dr. habil. Gunter Schöbel, and Peter Walter M.A.

German Text: PD Dr. habil. Gunter Schöbel, Copyright Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen

English translation: Anna Dowden-Williams
French translation: Dr. Bernadette Schnitzler

Technical production: CVK-Service Internet Agentur Bodensee

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