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Learning Center Lake Dwellings

During the Spring, between the Easter vacation and the Pentecost holiday as well as between Summer and Autumn vacations for schools in Baden-Württemberg, museum pedagogic projects are undertaken in the Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen.

You can participate in the mornings and / or afternoons in our museum pedagogic hands-on projects that last about three hours each.

  Schulklassen Projekt in den Pfahlbauten

There are two projects two chose from:

1) Living in the Stone Age
Students will craft beads out of lime stone, carve combs from wood, produce fishnets, flint knives or clap sticks.
2) Living in the Bronze Age
Here, cords, jewelry pins and fishing rods with hoods out of copper can be produced. For this project, students should not be younger than 10 years of age, and the group should not include more than 20 people.

The workshops are supervised by well-trained museum staff and educators.

If you are looking for projects that are less than three hours, we recommend that you book one of our guided tours into the Neolithic or the Bronze Age. These tours take about one hour and treat the respective period in depth. Specifically themed tours, for example tours addressing the subject ceramics, fire or bronze, may be arranged with the Museum in advance.

Detailed information, registration, and admission fees are available at Info for Educators and Schools.

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