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Current Projects at the Museum

"Stone Age Village 2" – Film locations for the Documentary "Stone Age" ARD/SWR in Unteruhldingen at Lake Constance

In 2007 another Lake Dwelling village, consisting of two dwellings, a storage building, animal enclosure, village square, and fireplace was integrated in the museum area on the periphery of the nature reserve. This „setting“ in the hinterland of Lake Constance, became the home for 13 test persons during the making of the film in 2006. These 13 people undertook a time journey 5500 years back in time based on archaeologically substantiating evidence Between 2004 and 2006, the Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen was responsible for authentic reproduction of the props and replicas. Right from the beginning, the Museum was part of the scientific consultation and the development of a film project that went far beyond state borders.

The television production "Living Science" of the SWR within the ARD, summarized the archaeological findings in the area of lake dwelling science resulting from 150 years research in Germany and Switzerland. The SWR-Series integrated „Ötzi“, a project worked on by colleagues Austria and Italy, and endeavoured to accompany the time journey of medical professionals, experimental archaeologists, production technicians and an entire staff of other specialists. The experiences of the modern Stone Age people are described in more depth at the Open Air Museum Unteruhldingen during visitor tours, in special exhibitions, and with film clippings of the SWR "Stone Age" documentary. An accompanying exhibit in 20 other museums in Germany  separately elucidates to the regional relationships of the community project within the ARD.

Reopening of the film village, and a special exhibit to the SWR/ARD-Series "Stone Age - The Experiment"

In the Lake Dwellings at Unteruhldingen – the family Matthes and Ingolf Schuster visit the restored film set and the exhibit of their Stone Age adventure.   Pfahlbauten SWR Event

Public preview of the SWR/ARD Film "Stone Age - The Experiment" and parts of the film from the year 1926 in the lakeside pool at Unteruhldingen on May 22.

Among the 700 guests were 120 "Neolithic People" as well as participants of the old Lake Dwelling Film 1926, and the new film produced 2007.

  Pfahlbauten SWR Event
Pfahlbauten SWR Event Pfahlbauten SWR Event Pfahlbauten SWR Event Pfahlbauten SWR Event Pfahlbauten SWR Event Pfahlbauten SWR Event

"European Museum Project" 2006-2009 LiveArch

The Open Air Museum Unteruhldingen currently develops together with seven other open-air museums in Europe an international project under the title LiveArch ( The project aims to convey life archeology within the context of the program Culture 2000, a program of the European Union. You can find more information about this project at the website of the European Network of Open Air Museums EXARC under   LiveArch

"Delphi – House of Questions" and "Uhldinger Time Trail"

Since 2005, there is the "House of the Questions" at the Open Air Museum, and the 2000 meter-long "Historical Time Trail" that leads through Unteruhldingen. The "House of Questions" and the "Time Trail" are visitor oriented communication units, which were developed in the context of the European project "Delphi – House of the questions".

In the new “House of Questions" 50 the most frequently asked questions about the Lake Dwellings are answered in easily comprehensible text form, and with richly illustrated explanations. If you have more questions, you can ask them at  where experts from across Europe will answer them. You can also pick up informative brochures at the Museum Shop here at the Open Air Museum.

On your journey across the „Historical Time Trail“ with its 20 "time-islands", you can learn about the story of an old fisher village 10,000 years ago. You will learn about what King Friedrich I Barbarossa or the Bishop of Constance had to do with Unteruhldingen.
There is no admission charge to travel along the Time Trail.

The Museum offers guided tours for groups with more then 10 persons. Advanced reservations are necessary.

Reservations can be made at Tel. 0049 (0) 7556 8543.

Adults 4 €, Children 2 €

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